Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Sorry for the late entry guys,I would have handed this artjam pic sooner,but when I was on the roof of this building I saw this huge atomic powered lizard which took my picture and my dinner money then fired this huge beam at me....when I came to it was gone.I then went around asking people if they saw it,and everyone told me he was called Godzilla king of the monsters.Then I said couldn't have been him because the guy that blasted me was absolute D$£K!!! lol.


  1. Now that's an interesting Godzilla! Love the blue stripes that you added in there, but it looks like a part of his tail is missing from behind him.

    Now that this is finally completed, who has next pick on the art jam? I was last sooooooo... Rummy?

  2. Aside from the slight mistake this is a pretty slick design. Looks a lot more agile than most his/her iterations.

    Yeah whatz next, whatz next?

  3. Nice catch on the tail guys,the blue strips where my lame attempt at trying to show the atomic energy flows through His/Her body,need 2 work on my lighting effects.And just for thr record I liked the 1998 movie,yes I said it! lol

    I'll post the next A-Jam on Friday.