Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Soldier Class

I'm going to post these up here right quick. These are the team mates of Lasada "Frost" Marqis. I had fun coming up with their different helmets and having a standard uniform made things much easier on me so that I can just jump in and design the basics.

One of the guys I've spent the longest thinking on. He's the Sniper of the group and also one of the least patient of them. My cousin came up with the name on him though, so kudos to him. Charlie MacNamara. Has a good ring to it.

The black guy. Also another character that I've taken the longest to work out. I really dig him but I may have to change his tattoos.

The face of the group and the one best suited to peace talks, he's best at hand to hand combat. Which makes sense since most of the situations he's in requires him to give up his weapons.

The Tank. I liked his design here because i get to show off what the body armor looks like underneath the shirt.


  1. I'm into how their helmets open up man, very practical and cool! The suits are really modern too but they've a little of that sci-fi/fantasy we all need for breakfast.

  2. Thanks dude! I'm happy with the way they work as well. I'm always one for practical thinking but the helmet designs were just for fun mostly. I'm not even sure how some of them work to be honest. I'll re-evaluate them later on and see if anything needs to be changed or switched around due to character personality types and what have you.

    I wanted a practical future look along the lines of Ghost in the Shell and Metal Gear Solid minus the tatchcomas and Metal Gear Rex/Ray.

  3. I'd personally love to have a mask that opens up like Raidens. Think the have it in Toy's R Us?

  4. Man, that mask is awesome. I only wish it would be in Toy's Я Us along with the full body armor and blade. Cannot wait for MGS Rising to come out! If you asked me 8 years ago if I thought Riden was cool, I'd probably remind you of naked cartwheels. And the answer would've been no... but now? Riden's a Cyber Ninja just like Gray Fox?!? fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  5. Makes me wanna cut everything!!

    *swishes table knife around*

  6. I gotta Say I really love those helmets bruv,each one of these guys look though as nails and I think your on the right track with there designs and the feel to all there looks.The top pic with the guy with the riffle is definitely my fav plus Snipers are cool every team needs a Sniper and I like 2 think I fill that roll nicely lol.