Sunday, 5 August 2012

A.J Raven W.I.P


By far my fav Titan after Robin,gonna make some more edits.


  1. Eee~! Raven's my favorite >w> I love her whole story line with her father. And I love the episode where Raven and Star Fire switch and have to learn to control eachother's powers. This is awesome so far!

  2. haha!yeah and I thought I had daddy issues, that was great episode I love the walk a mile in my shoes eps,but not matter what body Starfire is in she's still so adorable while Raven is still Raven. Robin's & Ravens friendship was amazing to watch as Robin refused to give up on his friend and quite literally went to Hell to get back now that's a true mate right there,guess the birds stick together in the DC universe.

  3. You took away her angry face on the colors! And I think you shrunk her head too. Double bad. The lines on her eyebrows need to be purple in color and her eyes lines should be black. But that's just personal opinion. Of course, all of this is personal opinion. I've just got opinions of a personal nature it seems.

    1. Nah, I agree with you. I should have caught these things myself and said. Better to always speak up here.