Friday, 31 August 2012

Lunar Knight update

A redesign of something I post a long time ago that I've dragged back from the past to use,I tried to paint this one in Sai which I need more practice to right.


  1. Nice design. It's like a mix of sci-fi and medieval armour.

    My notes would be to always bounce up and down the "density" of the paint brush. The default it 73 right? Pull it down to 20 to generally paint and up to 80 to paint details.

  2. One wee suggestion. Transitions for metal tend to be quick. If you want to make it look more metallic, you'd want to have some quick transitions with some white highlights to make it look shiny. You know what I mean? Just remembering back in the day when they made us draw scissors and shoes to get this point across to us. Boring, but useful :P

  3. I want... to see you... carry out an oblong look to this. Where some armor goes down and some armor goes up. The main idea is just what you did on the waist in this picture. Look at it! Do you see what I mean? No? Well let me clarify. See how you armored the hip on one side of the body by pulling the armor up from the leg? And on the other side of the body you covered the hip with armor from the sash? I really would like to see you play with that design idea more. Have half the body where the armor overlaps going up, and the other half of the body where the armor overlaps going down. Grab that idea and run with it like a greasy deaf guy.