Saturday, 4 August 2012

Robin & Star Fire (finished)

I wanted to create a realistic-y Robin & Star Fire since they are one of the cutest comic couples ever imo >w> So I was messing with some photo stock (from cookiejarstock). The background is a photo I took and played with years ago when I was in New York. Arn't they so CUTE?! >W>


  1. Quick get me some insulin this is just to sweet, the Robin & StarFire relationship was the just so adorable and one of my favourite parts of the show.

    Lovely job her luv.

  2. Well you know my opinion on this one! Fan-friggin-tasticly done.

  3. Super! The Romantic Duo!

    A tip for next time would be to add a layer of "harder edged" shadows. Have one layer of soft shadows to show roundness like you've done. And one "Hard layer" to show bends, creases and corners. I find using a mid tone blue set to multiply works well. Play with the opacity of the layers too.