Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Story Book

Another resource for the creatively minded. Story book is fantastic, just plain and simple. I am currently working on my own story and having areas to fill out my ideas and organize them in a coherent manner makes my life much easier. Here are a few things I like about it so far:

Character organization.
   I have plenty of characters and most of them don't even have names. Giving me a slot to fill out with names, dates, details and notes means that I can start figuring out who they really are. Starting out with the characters I'm the most comfortable with, it gave me a structure to work in so I can start doing the same for other characters. I've even started coming up with new details about them just because I've got the chance to focus on what makes them tick.

Location organization.
  The same as characters, locations are just as important. To think of them as their own character and add in basic overview details about them, it becomes almost fun at this point. I'm using the notes section for these as a means to remind myself what this location means to different characters.

  A good way to give an overview of what you really want done. I'm using Threads to give myself plot points I want to cover as a whole and then go back to them to flesh out the in between moments. I've decided it's best to give a thread to a character you want to focus on, this would help keep you on track.

  Chapter by chapter, scene by scene, this even has the option of letting your remind yourself if this is a script, first draft, second or so on. That way you can look back at it if you have lots of chapters and remind yourself how many times you've worked this part over. You can even write chapters out of order if you're so inclined to do so. It's nice to just have the option.

Best part.
  It's free. You can buy an upgraded version of it, of course, but what's offered in the free version is fantastic.

I just realized that this might sound like I'm trying to sell something here, but I'm not. I'm just very happy with how the program works now that I'm in the mindset to fulfill my story desires and then start on the drawing part of the comic. This post also serves as a means to advertise that I'm getting really serious about my comic now. Anyway, this is for those of you who have a story to tell and as all artists, I believe we do.

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  1. I'll have try this out at some point! Nice sale lol!