Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A hero shall rise

Hey guys, I just wanted to show what I have been working on.This is the early roughs of my comic that I've begun making,at the moment I'm still in the scripting phase of the story,setting & characters. The current title of the comic is called The "Ostentatious" Kestrel & I hope to have finished draft of the 1st issue by the end of the month then I can focus on the designs.

These are the early designs of the titular character Krystal-Rikoa-Marinaris aka The "Ostentatious" Kestrel.

Plus here's a sample of some of the A-holes she'll be contending with


  1. Ostentatious? Sounds like a female version of you man. lol jk

    After you finish the script designing these characters will be much easier. Great stuff!

  2. rad style, I'm reminded of Gatchaman a bit, hope it's got that leaping forward action poses.

  3. Cool looking designs so far man, looking forward to seeing your progress with it!

  4. Nice concepts so far! Haha, I love a girl that can kick some ass. Yellow and black are an awesome color combo, but I was just wondering if the coloration would be too close to invincible?

  5. im not sure why you're calling your competitors a-holes but your design for the character is very cool