Saturday, 18 June 2011

Street Fighter 2 Bosses

my submission for the SF2 bosses

the colors were tweeked up here are the original markers

kinda off top but I saw this on a hardcore gamer message board


  1. Ha ha! I'm so in love with you Balrog!

  2. thanks, I actually enjoy using Balrog, hope no one finds him offensive he's one of my favorite characters. But still their bosses they have to be bad dudes.

  3. [Insert Ganondorf's swishy flying effect here]
    Great Bison, you gave him a playful anatomy for such a bully.

    All I can say about Zelda is that I'd prefer one out ever few years, not every few decades.

  4. I love your takes on these guys, and your palette is fantastic!
    I've gotta second Ryan's Balrog love, his expression's priceless! You got Vega's personality down to a tee!

  5. thank you, hehe, they are my favorite characters in street fighter series. I often pick Balrog or Vega.