Monday, 13 June 2011

later batman beyond

sorry about being so late, just doodling one of my favorite lines from the series.

here's the original marker and pen version


  1. Great quote and piece dude. Love old man bruce's hunched grin.

    Batman Beyond is one of those spin off shows that theoretically should have flopped but almost everything about it was solid gold.

  2. OH GOD! My first reaction was "this is horrible" and I didn't watch it for a good couple episode then it slow hooked me. I just had a bad experience with Spiderman 2099 comic series. Actually I had a close friend who was against the show and kept arguing about it, and slowly like that would all chip away and he'd get into it.

    But yeah, Old Man Bruce Wayne is my favorite character, Ace as a great dane is awesome, and Terry is a cool leading hero... not some cheap as teen Spiderman which was what a friend of mine called him.

  3. I remember when I first saw this show & I thought this ain't going last very long. And then I saw the ep with Mr.Freeze and I was oh my god this is amazing.I'll also agree that old man Bruce was a really great touch and I loved the whole mentor student relationship they had going the banter,and the fan service was really top notch just like this piece & Ace is the sole reason why I want a great Dane as a pet when get really older lol.

  4. I'm not sure what the show had that really made it just stand out. Re-watching the first season of the series, I was noting the excellent animation first and then how true it stayed to what Batman is. Bruce Wayne is STILL Batman in his old age. Even if he hung up the cape and cowl, he still has the same grit that made the Batman: TAS so good. He grew up as a character and that same sense of growth, I think, strikes deep into people's ideas of Batman. That and how it showed that Batman was a legend that disappeared long ago that starts coming back. Bruce didn't accept Terry but Terry was an honest guy, hard working and had a sense of justice. He became Batman for the right reasons and, even though he still has fun as Batman, keeps the same composure and presence that Batman of old had. He may be young but he was still intimidating when he showed up. But all that is nothing without the proper rouges gallery, and Batman Beyond has some really good ones. Blight, Inque, Shriek, Curare just to point out a few. And each of them were taken out in poetic justice. ( I really felt sorry for Shriek to be honest. A guy with a passion for sound science turning deaf. )

    Anyway, enough rambling. Good job on this piece dude. Bruce's snarky comment is still very true to the character. Now if only he put on a pair of shades as if fades out to "YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH"

  5. HAHA, David Caruso.

    I had to draw old man batman because of the episode where the bad guy was trying to drive him insane Terry goes "How did you know it was not you who was talking to yourself?" and he replies "I don't call myself 'Bruce'"

    I'm surprised there's no art book for Batman Beyond, the art that has leaked from Darwyn Cooke, Shane Glines and Glen Murakami they did just phenomenal work

  6. I like the link dude! And I just watched that episode that you mentioned.

  7. Awesome job, love the coloration ^-^