Friday, 24 June 2011

Meet the Medic

I'd be quick to say this isn't my favorite TF2 animation, but I like it a lot. A lot of amazing acting, brilliant timing and humor that can only be done in a cartoon. Plus, it's now FREE..... For PC, for Mac OSX and Linux... you have no excuse now to play the game I call "the Sex in the City for REAL MEN."
Although if you need an excuse, how about a game of Prophunt?

or maybe a Saxton Hale Mod

Also, the official blog posted up original concept work for the game. Just amazing stuff, I honestly believe some of their early work could have been acceptable for it's original release. I mean considering TF2 was going to be SUPER REALISTIC, like you needed a second player to help load the machinegun's bullet belt, or you had to climb into tanks, open the hatch then drop in a bomb. And this was back when Halo was announced to be an RTS running on Macs.

Amazing how much can happen in 10 years.


  1. Ahh, I love the Meet the Medic vid, the music is so much win. My personal fave is the Meet the Engineer short. So many nice subtleties in that one.

    I'm so glad that Valve decided to go with the whole Chuck Jones/Tim Schafer style for so many reasons.

  2. hmmmm, it's hard for me to pick my favorite video one..... MY OWN!!!

    MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm the soldier with the Napoleon hat doing rocket jump.

    What's interesting about TF2 is when you just hold up a screen shot from games in the past 4 years it stands out. And even with crazy ass hats and offensive sprays, it still has a unique look the use of Rim Lighting, Bump mapping for clothing folds the way the color pops. I don't know if you have seen some of the new maps but they took A LOT OF LIGHTING Techniques from Left 4 Dead and there's lots of lights popping in and out so it doesn't look like the first couple of maps where it's orange, red and purple. I mean it's a heavily technical game in order to make it look like a cartoon, I mean not every game looks as good as TF2. And it's a game I play often to screen cap for inspiration.

    But your totally right about the chuck jones influence you should listen to some of the domination quotes. SHOULD BE ANIMATED PEPI LA PEW STYLE.

  3. I think my favorite Team Fortress video is either the Scout, Sniper or... hell, they're all really good now that I look back on it. But Meet The Sniper really sticks out in my mind.

  4. Well My fav meet the team has to be,meet the Sniper he was just so cool,I'm definitely downloading this game.

  5. Actually my favorite is Engineer, because of the music playing "More Guns" is always looped on my ipod.
    I can't stress enough how good the animation of the Valve is, just sitting on the character select and having the character stand there there's so much personality just oozing out of them and how much one expression can go. The Engineer reminds me of a Muppet, his eyes can't emote but his body and mouth say a lot.

  6. ha ha I'm wolverine mean, you son of a bi£$h! (that's what I want on my tombstone when shuffle off this mortal coil lol)Yeah there's no denying that the engineer is pretty cool,I mean anyone that can play the guitar while his constructs of murder do there job has to be a pretty cool costumer lol.And I agree the animation in TF2 is just top-notch stuff so much live in there motions & there expressions are just so full of life.And just for you Crithon

  7. Well, Valve is in an interesting position... because I seriously could make a good case that Left 4 Dead 1 doesn't go into the uncanny valley like LA Noire. But even in that sense of an FPS multiplayer where your playing on crazy ass servers where the map is simpsons home, the graphics still look amazing. I mean your eyes are going all over the place, the action is tense so like what you do see "characters picking up one another," or talking directly to you" it looks real. I was playing Call of Duty Black Ops and I couldn't tell who was talking to whom in that bacon filled environment. And Portal is another example of characters who can't talk but have to emote and do it well.
    I just think valve's game have an interesting position where they open up their games to the community to come and fuck it up like TF2's crazy hats and offensive sprays and some how it works.