Monday, 13 June 2011

sorry for being late

hey, sorry for being late on the batman beyond piece, Been working on it

hehe, it's pretty crude but I'll scan it in soon.


  1. This is a nice "little bit about me"/art update post here. Makes me want to do something like this too.

    You know, I find ball point pens to be great for art. I drew up a bat creature using only a ball point pen and was really really happy with it. I should post that up when I get the chance. Anyway, sweet stuff dude. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Totally cool! It's super to see your sketchbook stuff, sexy girls and L.O.Z sketches! Hmmnn...maybe because of the Highlander film I sometimes associate Zelda with Queen lol.

    Great figures too. Was that Raiden from the Mcfarlane line of MGS toys?

  3. it's kinda hard to think what to talk about while drawing, and it's also hard to draw while considering the camera in my other hand. It's a goofy idea.
    We should do some Zelda art soon, but it helps having a Brian May guitar solo :]
    Oh those are the McFarlane ones.

  4. Its always inspiring to see another artist sketch book goodies,great stuff mate that link pic was looking fierce.

  5. Hey, Legend of Zelda would make for an interesting Jam topic. If no one else does it, I'm going to suggest it next round.

  6. red white, I was reading a message board thread over what hardcore zelda fanboys wanted art style to look like and it turned into this insanly ultra realistic style, like gears of war...... might need to draw like that for zelda

  7. Ultra realistic? So they want it to look like a billion other games lol. Nintendo should stick to style and substance, working their way to a more Pixar visual experience.

  8. LOL, don't know man, Wind Waker sold poorly and so did the DS games Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.
    Although right now there's like 3 different art style Zelda games to buy, Skyward Sword, Orcarina of Time 3D, Spirit Tracks, and you can also go into Virtual Console to rebuy classic Zelda games and you could also consider rebuying Twilight Princess in that market. I mean there's more then enough variety in art styles out there the Zelda fanboys seem just disappointed and want more of Darksider style art instead.
    But I think it'd be hilarious to make Zelda like what the hardcore fans would like. Although personally for me, my favorite Zelda like games are Okami, Boktai and Secret of Mana, Darksiders I felt was waaaaayyyyy too cynical.

  9. I love Wind Waker but that was way too stylized for a broad marked. Twilight Princess was a leap in the right direction, I enjoyed that too but it felt as gloomy as the weather over here in London haha. The HD Zelda tech demo is exactly what they need to do, just as long as the world is bright and sunny when I leave the dungeons. Oh yeah, and an orchestral soundtrack too.

    Okami is another fantastic game that underperformed in sales. Could be because of the same reason as Waker. Too much style can put off casual gamers?

  10. wind waker was one of the reasons why I didn't get the Gamecube, although I seriously felt burnt from the N64. I seriously LOATHED fishing for the triforce pieces. Oh god, that was horrible, and it wasn't charming like "Oh I get to explore this vast ocean." No it's freaking finding maps, using the annoying music system which ques up a animation sequence you can't skip and there isn't a proper check marking system on you map.... ugh, I mean in original Zelda when your trying to uncover each triforce piece your at least going into new dungeons with different bosses guarding the triforce piece.

    I don't know, I mean it's kinda what Nintendo philosphy that's unsatisfying hardcore gamers. Much like Mario Kart, it's new to a younger generation even though before them some fans came from the n64 or the SNES before that. And Zelda is kinda stuck in that "remaking Orcarina of Time for the past 13 years."

    And I find it interesting Okami and Twilight Princess came around a month difference, like I was saying before Twilight Princess is remaking past zelda games but Impa was there, she hasn't been in the games since Adventure of Link, or the Hyrule Castle theme slowly building as your about to face Ganon. It was a big nostalgia trip but it wasn't hitting you over the head with all this little cameoes as pandering for fan service.

    But I mean Okami did a lot of things different and original, and a lot of it is because it's new story they can get away with a drunken pixie who leers at women's breasts and draws insinuating orchids like Georgia O'Keefe. It did things drasticly different then zelda, like having amaterasu unable to speak but everyone seeing her as an dog. Okami kept being fresh and original as it kept going on that 40 hour mark

    I don't know what to say about Okami's failure, It bombed in Japan, a country that didn't necessarily want to retold it's own history to itself. But like Wind Waker also did poorly and so did Spirit Tracks.... I don't know, I mean honestly I do think Zelda style games should come every three times a year, I don't think I could take them as much as if it was annualized.

    I don't know what to expect with HD Zelda, I don't want to get my hopes up like the original Gamecube demo reel. But so far I'm loving skyward swords style, I am curious what direction they will go next, I mean honestly I love phantom hourglass and minish cap, I'd love to see more portable zelda.

  11. I loved seeing your influences and how you've developed your own unique style based on that. And I had to lol at your toy collection around your art area because it reminds me of mine xD And your kitty is cute lol

  12. thanks, I was rambling instead of drawing too much and Ashley the cat is always the star to all my drawings..... because I draw too many animals.