Saturday, 23 July 2011

asuka vs mass produced eva units

just wanted to show some of my rough sketches of my Eva piece I'm working on. I picked the Asuka death scene from End of Evangelion. Always loved the demented and deranged those Evas looked like and how Asuka was just feeding on her own energy of not being defeated.

I own a Asuka figure, but I stepped on it in the middle of night while living in Philly like 9 years ago. But I learned sketching from it, it's not wise to just draw it identically instead just focuse on the movement and flow of the pose instead.

I just loved kinetic energy in the fight scene, so I'm trying hard to emulate that in the final piece. I'm not intending to copy a specific scene from the film, just like the idea of overly violent and fighting to the death with these deranged monsters who are constantly smiling.

kind of off topic, but got motivated to draw a killer robot right after seeing how dull and boring transformers was. WOW! I've read fan fiction better then that. And also how unearned any of it's action is. Just coming out of Captain America and even with it's action which is all modest, Captian runs, punches dude, but there's still a sense of his optimism and honesty is well defined. And the humor in Cap'n A isn't offensive, mean spirited, goofy or even overstaying it's welcome. That's the biggest problem with Transformers, like their jokes go on too long, with no idea why these scenes are even in the context of the film. It's amazing how anyone can be catered to every single fetish and still make it boring, I've been off a marathon of Russ Meyers and Jack Hill films and you can make a film about fetish but you can make it good. Foxy Brown is an AMAZING FILM, even if you want to see a beautiful woman, but she kicks so much ass that it's awesome. You stand up and cheer when she cuts off a guy's dick off.

but transformers, the movie is saved by a super model who talks megatron into saving the world, and then he gets decapitated by optimus prime. No, "thanks for saving me megatron," nope "FINISH HIM" in Mortal Kombat fashion, and then stupid ass arch of "Shia I love you" which is really the arch of these films, the dick gets the girl for being a dick. Ugh, seriously I never seen a film as bad as that.


  1. First, I always always always love drawings like this where there are a bunch of sketches on a page. I want everyone to do this because I can't get enough of it.

    Second, yes, I agree on both the Cap'n A and the Transformers. The Transformers movie was... eh.... idk. I really didn't like what Lebuff was in that movie. Such a.... a putz. And there is no good reason why that supermodel girl should ever like him. Such a... petty and whiny and way too lucky kind of character. I didn't like him as a character at all. The only thing I really liked about that movie was his parents actually. The mom cracked me up with just how outspoken she was and the way she digs under her sons skin with honest hearted comments.

    If I may make a slight suggestion, I think if you play with the proportions on the characters more, you'd get some better results. So far, a lot of your characters have a mostly same-ish build to them. Your style could benefit from a more exaggerated look. Bigger arms and smaller legs are examples. I like the thin ankles and wrists you put in there but maybe add in thicker bodies with smaller heads or stout characters with heads almost the size of their bodes with tiny arms 'n legs. Just some mental cud to mull over.

  2. yeah, I know what you mean about proportions, but there's an inconsistency with my work and often times there's large heads and small bodies. Even with a long time preparing a piece I often times mess it up and get weird proportions. But hey, yeah, favorite influences are hannah barbera and nightmare before christmas seeing different shapes and designs.... but I also will try give it a shot play around with the eva's shapes.

    The biggest problem with Michael Bay's movies.... if often it's defense, "don't think about it" it's really hard not to do that considering how boring it is. Even if you are really trying hard to not think, I often think of "why exactly is there a relationship with bumblebee and sam?" or "if Bumblebee is this ninja/warrior, then why is this dog/babycharacter?" and like I do think like this film was really just tailor made for Bay, like designed in a way for him to make a story but even then it doesn't work. In all his films he forces the main character to yell and scream to prove his point in order to change the momentum of the larger organization to see how right he was. I think Transformers 3 had an interesting idea of "sam isn't special and trying to be mundain life" but then he becomes a dick in order to get his way around but then at the end the film is solved with robots and his girlfriend, so again he isn't really worth even yelling and screaming and having rage fits.... I don't know I think bay is trying to make a point in all his films "Be a dick and you get what you want." But again, "your not suppose to think with these movies" so again it fails.... My brain hurts.

    I always felt the Bay's Transformers were poor man's Iron Giant, and I say that with irony dripping all over it. And even if I say "I want to see awesome robots," well then why not watch Gurren Lagann instead? Which actually came out around the same time of the first film. I mean the excuse most people have of "you don't need to think with bays films" well you don't need to think much in Chuck Jones cartoons and they are entertaining, inspiring, smart and fun.

    I don't mean to just say how horrible transformers 3 was, but it seemed to lower the bar of quality and realized "Wow, I didn't waste my life reading comics, I didn't waste my life drawing cartoons. I have more talent then this mess." I mean it's not a huge ego trip but it's somewhat a nice feeling like anything is better then that film. Because can you imagine just being handed everything you ever wanted but I bet you could make a better film then that, anyone else can.

  3. Those fantastic sketches are giving me a flood of memories. Asuka swearing in German, the music, people popping into primordial goo.
    If we could chain you to a table and get you to post pages like this all day we would.

    I haven't see Foxy Brown yet, I was meant to see it before watching Jackie Brown yeeeears ago, even though they're unrelated I think.

    Transformers 3? I enjoyed it thoroughly. Hahaha, I said it. I enjoyed it because I could sit down with my brother and sister and joke about how silly it was for hours after. Even during the movie we were all gigling. It was like going to the circus, it looks cool but we all know it's ultimately stupid. If anything, T3 wins the fastest epilogue ever, the credits came out of absolutely nowhere.

  4. hehe, took a break on it, been doodling other sketches. But I do feel a bit hesitant onto what medium to work on this piece. it's one of those cases where I sometimes over think things. I'll try posting up more this week.

    DUDE, See Foxy Brown, something about Jack Hill's exploitation films, he builds the right about of tension and suspense that pay off is well worth it. Sid Haig is actually in all of these films and actually acts along side with Pam Grier a lot. But like, Pam Grier is an interesting leading lady, she can take a punch better then a man can and you don't nessicarly feel that sense of "I must protect the woman," you just fallow along with it and cheer when she gets revenge on those motherfuckers.

    Jack Hill makes the BEST exploitation films, The Big Doll House films with cheap excuse to have women in mud wrestling but it works, it really works.

    you know, if you think about it, Pam Grier is a real life Black Canary, she strong but also playful with her sexuality.

    the first hour and 50 minutes of Transformers 3 is boring, but I found myself laughing at the last 40 minutes because it was so weird. But I still feel like Transformers Dark of the Moon just made me feel better of myself over making Megaman fan fictions when I was 9 years old.

  5. Oh, Asuka's death scene was fantastic--definatly a great way to go out. And the mass produced evas were FREAKY! :O! I love your scetches so far--especially how you've captured the mass produced evas creepyness >w>

    Hm, I have to say I liked the ACTION in the new transformers, but you're right. The story was rather uninspiring. Though I am have to say the last movie was MUCH worse than this one. Seriously "He's under the ball sack!" WTF? And dogs humping eachother? I didn't pay to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua! And I don't know WHY they made such a big stink about saying "I love you" in the plot line of the last movie if they're not even going to carry over the character to this movie (other than the fact Megan Fox left, but hey if you dyed the new girl's hair brunette, you might be able to pass her off as the same character at least maybe... right?).

    Captain America was full of win. I cannot wait until the Avengers Movies. Though I am disappointed that the guy in Hulk 2 isn't going to be in it--he made that series awesome.

  6. The fight between Unit-02 and the Mass Produced Evas were some of the best fight scenes out of any anime with all the fluid hyper-violent action it kinda makes you wonder how it would look in live-action with Transformer-level production values