Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

.:EDIT:. just in case, the link takes you to a vid teaser of the next season. I really like the direction they're taking with the Avatar and how they're giving her a very different personality from Aang.

You were right on the money Rummy my boy. If this doesn't get you (all of you) excited then you may want to check with a docter since you may be dead, in which case, I'm sorry to have it brought to light like this. But you should've realized something was wrong when your only real communication for the last week was with a little boy (perverts) who says "I see dead people.".


  1. hehe, I guess I'm dead? I never got into the whole Airbender series. Looks nice, but I am aware I'm missing out on something special that fans love and a lot of artists I admire work on that show..... so I'm dead on the inside.

  2. That's a pity dude. I'm not the biggest fan of the show but the animation is slick and it really shows off what you can do if you base your animation off of actual actors. That and the world they've built up just seems cool and it only gets cooler as the seasons go on. Some of the best backgrounds I've seen in a long time if you ask me. The last air temple they went to was built upside down on the under part of a cliff, hahaha. It's just too cool if you ask me.

  3. yeah, and like I checked in a mirror I had no reflection. Yeah, I know it's good, I know a lot of artists I admire work on it.... but like.... I have no soul.

    Yeah the show looks good..... I don't know.... I think it's like.... I wish it had more texture. I was watching Cronos last night, I love how DelToro has design and texture in his films. I mean, I agree, the fight scenes look nice in Last Airbender, and they emote really well, but I kinda wish they had more detail into their designs.

    Yeah yeah, I know the movement is nice and the story is amazing..... but I have no soul.

  4. Boy I need to watch this series in it's entirety. I've only seen random episodes but I can safely say I loved the animation from the get go. I'm sure I'll like this just as much too.

  5. I have to say, for a Nickolodeon show, this was pretty darn awesome. I haven't seen anything this good from them since Angry Beavers and Invader Zim. I started watching towards the end and back tracked some episodes, and have to say I was pretty impressed with the series--the story line, world, and animation were pretty great. The movie was a bit disappointing, but I guess it's hard to sum up a whole season in one movie. I hope the new series can live up to it's predecessor :D