Sunday, 10 July 2011

Street Figher Juri vs M. Bison

"Oh man, I was really planning on saving the main coarse for last... Whatever. I'll just eat you up. Bones and all!"

OK, one of my favorite fight scenes in street fighter, Juri vs. M. Bison.

Things I did... started with pencil sketch of Juri, fixed up using this tips from you guys. Then decided to throw a background, and then Bison in there--Bison was the hard part honestly. I hate drawing big muscely guys. Asked Red for a few tips since he's an expert in that area, and in the coloring process ended up loosing half of the corrections he gave me ;-; (I'm sorry I failed yee). But... happy that I was able to incorporate a background and another character into the mix since that was one of my goals. Colored using copics and paints (the purple part was a biotch to paint because it ended up being super blotchy, but I think I ended up fixing it for the most part. That hair has a nice texture too I added with think copics, but you can't really see it since I had to take a photo of this in order for you to see the neon colors since for w/e reason scanners hate neon. Also pretty pleased that I just discovered the hot pink parts glow under black light producing a pretty cool effect I wish I could properly photograph for you guys (I would have never known this if my computer didn't come installed with a blacklight xD--I took a pic, but it's hard to make out). But any-hoo, without further adoo, I give you my finished product.

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  1. Turned out cool. She looks a bit more approachable that usual but with Bison there in the background I think I'll stay where I'm standing.