Thursday, 21 July 2011

THE HAND is in Ultimate MvsC3

okay that's it, I'm in, I'm in, I've been out since Marvel vs SF.... but I'm back in

the Hand I would rank in second to GI Joe's Cobra as far as my favorite villains ever.

the Shinkiro cover.



  1. That's the same stare my mother uses all the time, I'd rather her just hit me sometimes.

  2. Am I the only guy who's been asking for Ghost Rider since Marvel Super Heroes? I feel like Capcom is finally answering my emails from 1995

  3. Ghost Rider seems very awesome and it was about time he showed up. He seems like a character that should've gotten into a video game a long time ago.

    By what I've heard, it doesn't seem that Venom is going to make it into the game at all. Someone said that "marvel didn't even make it an option to have venom in the game." and that makes me sad panda faced. I may get this game, but after that bit of info, I may not. Color me lukewarm until the Symbiote situation shifts.

  4. I couldn't believe they put Blackheart instead of Ghost Rider back in the day, that baffled me.

    The whole Venom problem could be because of the whole host changing every five minutes in the comics. The character would get dated pretty quickly.

  5. well, to be honest, one of the big reason I never enjoyed MvsC2 was a lot of slapped together characters just put in there to fill up the roster. And it's still something that bothers me when I hear any new fighting game is having way too many characters that it should. But that's me talking about Silver Samurai, Ice Man and Colossus compared to Venom who was honestly well developed and well thought out. I don't mind Capcom taking their time with this game to reintroduce every character, but like they should have made it all DLC and not every couple months re-release the game in another Expansion pack.
    This is why I haven't paid for the Super SF4 Arcade edition..... like we really needed more shotokan characters.

  6. Evil Ryu was unnecessary for certain. But I sort of enjoy Oni. As much as he's a shoto clone with his Hado, SRK, Tatsu style, he plays far different from any of the others. He's sort of like another type of Gouken shoto with more command moves. His forward+HP can stop fireballs and has great range, he has different moves from the whole cast and his whole approach is just more of a solid character type rather than a rush character type. Yun is broken as hell with all his moves being FA breakers in one way or another. All his moves are safe outside of his anti-air kicks and there is no reason for him not to poke you because if it lands, he goes into big damage for little risk. I'm waiting for them to rebalance it a last time. It's not right for Capcom to do that, but this game is way broken in favor of the twins and was a bit too nerf happy with some of the other characters I could mention. Anyway, those are my two cents.

  7. It's the Super Turbo moment, basically the moment where they mess up balancing for a relative excellent game.... even though I thought Turbo was the best out of the SF2 series.
    It's where you take a screw ad you keep twisting it and twisting it and twisting it till you break it.