Thursday, 23 December 2010

Art Jam:Power Girl roughs & Female Tengu rough design

god I love power Girl,any-who these are just roughs i drew up which one do you guys think I should finalize A-G or all of them.

Alright guys, just to let you know I decided to finally start a comic *I know I'm finally getting of my lazy arse!* I'm going to be using the 2nd comic idea I made after N.P.L.L which is called S.G (Space Girls) *deep title I know* but it really stands for Space Guardians. Any way the very rough main premise is that humanity has been on the verge of extinction after years of war and running low on resources. In the end all of humanity decides to pull together and spread to the stars. 50 years later most of humanity branches of into different sects of ideals and ethics E.G religion, Genetic manipulation, body modifications, man & machines etc.

I'll be explaining more of the story soon.
Anyway this just the rough 1st draft of Tengu type character that is a huavian who will be a main character and teams up with

Nephila clavipes rough concept by ~DigitalRum on deviantART The Hurachnid.

Lead by *DigitalRum on deviantART The Techno-sapien


  1. Personally, I want to see A, B, D and G finished up. Great stuff on Power Girl dude. I really do prefer her over Super-Girl if nothing more than the story plots they're both found in. Power Girl has more personal and interesting things going on atm that don't require you to collect 5 difference comics to follow.

    Hey hey! Finally I get to see some comics from you! This is fantastic news dude! I'm really looking forward to seeing more about your stories and how they play out. I like the design of the new character but I need to see more of her once it's all fleshed out + story details. Keep the awesome rolling in dude.

  2. you guys make me chuckle, look how quickly you guys did this jam, lol.

    If power girl is holding a giant sprinkled doughnut I'm all for "B"

    And the comic.....Yay! Do it, do it! I don't wanna die of old age before I see it!