Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Impatient W.I.P

Sure is quiet round here :(

Here's a quick rough of a grumpy Rupunzel. And no, she's not wearing a see through nighty, sorry guys, I'm just letting you see the under drawing lol.

On a side note, you guys have probably heard of this already but here's a neat little program called i've been using called CELTX. It's great for scripting comic books, storyboards or any thing else to do with multimedia writing.


  1. Personally, I think her pose looks a bit stiff. It looks less like impatience and more like "I'm not moving from this spot."
    Now if you relaxed her shoulders and eyes, turned her head to the side and kept the pouty look, and then crossed her legs with one foot kicking back 'n forth, then it would feel more like impatience. Something needs to feel like it's moving in order to get the feeling that she wants to move but can't.

    Oh! I've had the privilege to go see Rupunzel lately and I adored it! It had all the old school Disney monikers and I couldn't have been more happy.

    I'm going to have to download that CELTX now that you brought it up. I've got somewhat internet privilage at home now (thanks to my new laptop) and I can start downloading things again!

  2. Oh, and sorry for being quiet on my end. I would say that I've been working on something special but in reality I've been goofing off and playing lots and lots of Sims 3...... yeah...................... yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah....... I wonder how my sims are doing......

  3. Let me give those kind suggestions a try dude. *scribbles over work*

    This is actually a reflection of my inner rage. Every time I go online I hear someone else has seen and enjoyed it. It's doing my head in I tells ya. It doesn't open here until the end of Jan too.....*sobs*

    You know Rum isn't posting for the almost the same reason, only he's playing Monster Hunter. Even made me scan in his sketches for him lol.

    I'm gonna sell them on e-bay.

  4. Cool dude. I should try posting some more stuff up here when I can. Some of the stuff I've been up to really can't/shouldn't be shown to public eyes but I've got other stuff I can show. I've been working on the next shadow comic again. I need to find a quicker way of coloring, maybe even doing the whole background on a single layer and just finding a neat looking brush that can make it look decent even if it's a rush job.

    Ooooh, i do love Monster Hunter, if not more in theory than irl. The only one I had of the game was for the PSP and I hate the little town hub I'm forced to stay in. I want an open world to explore and hunt critters in. What MH game is rummy playing?

    lol, you should sell them on e-bay and taunt him with the money. Maybe that'll bring him back here.