Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Metroid W.I.P

A Quick rough of everyone's favourite female space bounty hunter.


  1. not too bad dude. I think her left arm needs to be just a tiny bit longer but her gun needs to be much longer. There's not much room in that cannon for her hand + the stuff that makes it shoot. Other than that, keep at it dude!

  2. Hey, don't crop the image like that, we're your friends remember (lol not really), let's see all of it next time. Nice redesign by the way!

  3. Thanks Fire, the arm lengths are a bit of the mark so I'll get right on top if it.

    Sin1,I never actually drew any legs for this one so I crop it to make the file size smaller but I~ understand your point,guys I got to say I really love this W.I.P lab of ours and thanks for the feed back.