Friday, 31 December 2010

Is that a Symbiote in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

You know what I haven't drawn in far too long? Venom. ooo, or Carnage. Well, with the last art jam going comic bookie and getting me in the comic groove, I think this go round we should draw Venom, Carnage or both together. I think that would be awesome with a creative group like this.

Wicked Carnage by ~fire-tisane on deviantART

Venom creep by ~fire-tisane on deviantART


  1. WE ARE PLEASED! mean...I'm pleased with Art topic Venom is my all time favourite Spidey Villain ever,Carnage not so much.I'll get right on this one,Also have guys seen the Venom costume and if u have what are thoughts on it because I think it looks kick ASS!

  2. Man, I have a huge hard on for Venom, no homo. Carnage I don't like as much but once I started thinking on his design with my own ideas in it, he started to become cooler.

    The Venom costume? Do you mean the one form Spider-Man 3? Eh, that one's okay. I like the idea of the messed up webbing and the whole thing being a more twisted version of spiderman but I don't like the lips they gave the suit or the whole face in general. I mean, the concept is fantastic and the idea of Venom in SM3 was appropriate but I just do not like the execution of the character and how he was forced in the movie. Give it one more movie with just Venom and I would've been happy. But I don't think the director liked venom at all and that whole thing was just a big middle finger to Hollywood.

  3. "Villain!"

    Dude, your anatomy is always so fucking spot on!

    I can't wait to draw this. I'm still blindingly furious that he's not in MVC3. Then again they got Shuma in there so DLC way down the line might just happen. Fingers crossed.

  4. Oh Shit?! you haven't heard,there's a new "Black ops" Venom working for the USA government and he's packing.