Thursday, 23 December 2010

Power Girl & Previews

Hey guys! Sorry for being away so long. Here's the Power Girl drawing for the jam. I'm probably going to color it as well and maybe even add more ink in there.
Is it bad that Power Girl's most outstanding feature is the huge cleavage hole in her suite? Regardless, she's awesome. I love Power Girl comics!

And also, here's a sneak peek at what else I'm doing.

and there's also a current page of my Shadow comics that I'm still working on.

Sorry for not posting on here that much lately~


  1. Christmas has come early! Cleavage, previews and a comic page! Your bravery on the Power Girl perspective paid off dude, nice!

    The sneak peak is looking cool, they're clearly all talking about the lovely experiences they had with me.

    The comic panel looks super even in flats. I like the breathing space in the top right panel. Gives it the right amount of impact.

  2. lol, thanks dude. Once it's colored, it will be her in the sky with the world far below under a cloud layer.

    lol, well you're half right. They are talking about experiences. It's just a SF short comic that I've been wanting to do called "SF Girl Talk" and it's just about what I think the SFIV girls would talk about if they all sat down. First question up for discussion, "Who do you hate fighting the most and why?"

    I'm thinking of just posting it in flats. I've got a few more details I need to add in and some background elements but I need to reprioritize things on how I do comics.

  3. I think the main thing that hurts a comic is its regularity. One idea would be to to build up a backlog pages, release them weekly like a "part one/volume one" kinda thing. Rest, reflect, start another backlog arc or whatever.

    As for the flats, do what your comfortable posting. I like the flats. You could desaturate the background to separate the characters a little if your going that temporary route. What's cool is that you can go back and add "real" colours and shading later if you want.