Thursday, 12 August 2010

Come in to my Parlour

My take on a Greek Arachne,She's got her eyes on you.

Edited version.


  1. Hope she's not looking at me lol. I like all the novel placements of the eyes dude.

    Her right leg is be slightly over bent but the rest is ok.

    I think maybe you should design your character first then pose it later if your planning on doing a slightly more dynamic image. But then again you should do whatever you feel conformable with.

  2. aha! I like it. And that's not just my libido talking either.

    Alright SiniStar, you're up to bat with the next idea.

  3. ooo, wow! That's quite a bit better actually. Bang up job my friend!

  4. That's one helluva edit. Consider my words eaten!

  5. Thanks guys had alot of fun on this one and I think I got a quick colouring style that I might be able use for my path to becoming a cool concept designer.

    And yes Sin I hope that crow tattes GOOD! lol