Saturday, 21 August 2010

GO! Ultarman!

The overlord of all sentai shows,show your goddam! respect ya heathens.
gonna touch this up later in Sai with a shit load of stuff for my portfoilo and soon 2 be (never) website.


  1. I think the one on the right's neck is too far off on his left shoulder.

    Man, you guy's came up with your own Ultraman designs while I stuck close to the tried and true. Now I feel like I need to make up for that. Are we ready to go onto the next round?

  2. Get some hard hitting Erik Larsen fists in there brother (just don't draw em' as big lol).

    Oh, and finish the sketch before you hit it with colours and whatnot so you get the most out of your cool design.

    Red your a go on the next round dude.

    side note - continue to post findings, studies and w.i.p's anytime during the challenges guys.