Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Rawr, take that! I'm not going to be outdone easily this time around!


  1. oh no you dit'n! lol

    and the Gauntlet has be thrown down,this pic is just epic,I shall now envoke the power of AWE-SOME-NESS! that I obtained from the scott pilgrim movie.

  2. Oh yes I dit!

    oh ho! I'm looking forward to that my dear friend! Show me this power of AWE-SOME-NESS that will totally kick balls and add +5 to skillz

  3. dude that zilla is rockin'! Just look at that detail of him ripping up the street!......I want feet like that.

  4. You wish has been granted. You now have feet like Godzilla but your legs are still the same size as they are now, rendering you immovable.

    Glad you liked it dude! I wasn't about to get outdone a second time in a row, but that's the down side to posting first, you set the bar and ppl know what they need to do to outshine ya.