Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rough Space G Designs-Earth Defence Corp

Well Since it seems that a bunch of people on my personal Blogger spot accuont like to post links to questionable Asian dating websites I'll be posting some of my stuff I have been working on here untill I get the problem solved,these are a early rough designs for my 1st story project Space G/Portfolio pieces.


  1. Again with the fantastic designs! The one that really stands out the most to me is the first image, helmet second from the bottom. Would you allow me to use that design in my story?

    As far as crits go, usually breasts are not singled out behind fabric and have little detail between them unless the suit is designed to form fit them. Just something to think about when designing the characters, maybe some of the girls can have that and some don't. Anyways, the designs are fantastic and they really lend themselves to how different each world that has those designs can be.

  2. Nice!

    Try to do more head to toe format design like the Spcae+G+Corp+small image, filling the spare space with clothing or helmet variations.