Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I only have Eyes for you

Okay guys, feedback time! Which eye do you think would look best in normal, day to day comic style? I forgot to add her scar in there so forgive that.

At first I was really leaning towards giving her the black eye style but I'm thinking now that I want to save that for later. So the bottom row comes into play and thinking on those, I'm personally leaning towards the last one. It'll be just like her other eye but instead of having a retina, it'll be white and blank. What do you guys think?

Oh, also here's this. My first sketch of her new gauntlet.


  1. You have a habit of nailing things first time, I like the first one best (top left). It's still good that your exploring so many variations though. Your an art directors wet dream lol. You should check out some Assassins Creed designs for the gauntlets, you might find some nice design elements you can use.

  2. To be honest, that's how I've always pictured her eye to be. But lately I've been playing with the idea that both eyes turn that way. However, everything is in a state where I'm playing around with things so who knows? Maybe option 1 IS the best since it was the way I've pictured it the longest.

    On the gauntlets, I'm thinking of making the fingers go through that ribbon at the end of the glove. Then on the underside, there will be a bit that rests on the palm of the hand like how wrist straps today have that metal bar to keep you from moving the wrist around. She'll use that as her main attack option using only palm strikes and then she can use her claws as well.