Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sai Practice-Spindle colour test

Well I just back got from my hoilday and now back to work,heres the very, Very early design of the 2nd Moiraé Sister in my personal project.This was just a practice piece while I get my short cuts and settins in Sai set up any way I would love tips on how I should be colouring stuff in.


  1. I personally just like how the last one looks. Of course I dig the color green so I may be a little biased on that front. Maybe give her some moth colorings.
    the last one has the picture near the bottom and is one of my personal favorites. Think about maybe adding in some of the moths designs from their wings too. Eye patches on the front of her sleeves, colored sections on her jacket separated by white lines in varying thicknesses. Doesn't have to be super detailed but a little detail makes for a fascinating character design. In fact, I love that idea! All her clothes could be modeled after different moths.

  2. Oh, and I've gotten another thought on her weapon(s) that we should discuss. Maybe I can catch ya on PS3 tonight dude.

  3. It's just not a great Idea,It's an FREAKING AWESOME ONE! I felt her design was lacking a certin something,Snip has her eye patch and Stiches so why give her different clothes based on moths,Thanks bud for the feed back.
    and Im always up 4 a chat I'd really love to hear thoughts on her weapons.

    and also my monkey pic shall be up later 2nite if not early 2morrow.

  4. The first one caught my eye but yeah, the moth idea sounds like a win-win concept. Good ref there too!