Friday, 13 August 2010


Although my experience with Ultraman is limited, he still buried himself somewhere into my subconscious. Now I'm just going for more dynamic poses and use of foreshortening.

.:Edit:. I apparently always tend to submit one and then tweak it a little bit soon after.

P.S. these are really fun. I've already got an idea for the next one!


  1. This is super! Love the Pose! How did you crank this out so quickly, its almost like you knew the guy in person.... you Ultraman?!?

  2. there totllly needs 2 be an expolion behind him beacuse this kicks ASS! Ultra combo FINSH! baby.

  3. lol, thanks guys. I just ran with it, knowing that the Japanese love their poses. And sh*t, I forgot about an explosion! Explosions are like, hallmark Japanese super hero intros! I am ashamed of myself!!! How could I be Ultraman if I forgot my own shtick! *seppukuseppukuseppukudead*