Monday, 31 January 2011

MGS PsyLoacke W.I.P

My Local Game store saw my art on Devi & asked if not only could they use the X-23 & Felicia pics I did as prizes for the midnight release of MVC3.Anyhoo This is another addition to the MGS/X-men crossover thing.

And on a side note,I'm going to KA-Pow comic-con baby! I hope to meet J.R.jr.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Comic Character number 3 W.I.P

This Is sample of the 3rd Character that I'm designing for my 1st comic,I based her design with a sparrow/rooster in mind,just I few notes about her design nothing big,although She has no name at the moment.She is part of Royal/Ninja clan/shrine maiden,She's a very happy person that enjoys being able to fly and be in what she calls her flock/friends more than anything else.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Costumes: The Wearable Dialog

Yet again, I am impelled to share yet another informational study on art, this time in the field of costumes. If you've never read Dresden Codak I implore you to do so because it is a fantastic comic. It doesn't update much, nor is the paneling really that easy to follow sometimes ( the guy takes a more organic flow of comic telling rather than left > right repeat. It gets confusing when you have to follow it from left to right then right to left.) but there's a lot more to love than to hate.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dejah Thoris

Interesting jam. I know nothing of Dejah Thoris or the stories but when thinking on how I would design a Princess from Mars, the first thing that came to mind was Frank Frazzeta's style of fantasy. Something where the women wear next to nothing yet gloriously designed. I can't draw like that. But I tried so here's my attempt at Dejah Thoris as a royal princess of Mars.

I like the design so much, I may re-use it later as part of my own character designs.
She's not really wearing much. I seriously wouldn't mind doing another take of her in a relaxed pose with plenty of reds for the cloth.

New Thundercats?!

Well it's official. New Thundercats, coming soon.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dejah Thoris Jam

Dejah Thoris.

Your task will be to Draw Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian Princess in your style, that's an order.

Monday, 24 January 2011

I am Iron Maaaaaaaaaaan

My sketch of Iron Man which I should also try and finish. I've got lots of stuff I need to finish now.

Since I've usually done things by the number, I decided to turn around and make up my own version of Iron-Man.

MGS-Wolverine W.I.P

I put my PS2 together to play some of my fav games & MGS2 was the 1st spin,I remember I was damn good at it,but when I loaded my save file before you fight MG-Rays I got my ARSE! handed to me by express mail.So I turned it off and I drew MGS influenced suit for the wild man.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Am Iron Man

I still had Mega Man on the mind when sketching this, oopsie.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Fit to be Fit

I would feel remiss if I did not link to this. It's a photo shoot of several different kinds of athletes to show how each have different builds of muscles. I think we can all use this to our benefit because I do tend to go for the same look time and again. I do vary, but not by much. It's just a reminder that not all strong people have six pack abs.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Azula lines update/Jill Valentine/Ninja W.I.P'S

Good lord!Foxdie in the system-feeling like crap dudes, but I continue to push on.Managed add some more lines to this but its really hard to focus while coughing up your insides lol.

Also after Seeing Sin's RES-Evil pic I also had 2 join in with lovely Jill Valentine.Need to re-play Res-5.

Morning Gents!

Decided to post a little progress shot of two drawings I'm working on and get some input for some color ideas and all that.
 For shade I'm trying to decide if I want both her skirt and boot/things to match her jacket or her top. I'm thinking of making her skirt match her top while the boots keep in touch with the jacket. Or maybe do a different color scheme all together. idk, ideas?
ooooo, I actually meant to post the lines of this one last time but I forgot to save them as a jpeg. Anyway, flat colors on this one and it'll match the last one I did of her. The gloves and shoe/socks will have their little stripes of blue in them later.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Head Shot

Hey guys, a few things I wanted to post up just to show I'm doing something of value.

You may have seen this before but I'm starting to color this one now. Is there anything I should know/do before I dedicate myself to finishing this?

Headshots so that I know wtf I'm doing when animating Shade. I had two more like Shadow's but I didn't fix up her eye in them so bah. Anyway, this was a fun exercise on Mohawks.

A head shot study of Shadow. It's important to do these BEFORE you start animating people! Trust me, I had to fix Shadow's hair several times over because I thought I knew what it looks like from any angle. Turns out I was WRONG!!! Oh well, se la vie.

ooooooo, finished the Venoooooooom. Tell me what you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.

Morning work out

Man I got a back log of broken promises and owed pic,I was supposed to do Street Fighter pic with Sakura Makoto, Elena, Cammy and R. Mika and I totally forgot about it,until now 1st I'm warming up before I tackle this daunting feat,but he dares wins right? LOL anyway this was a quick morning sketch to start the day.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mega man X

Some thumbs for the Mega Man book thingy a few days ago. Combing through my gallery I think the main problem I'm having is choosing a rendering style.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Art Jam- Iron-man 0.1 Custom Armour W.I.P - blue print

Repulsor beam!

I've gone back to the lab on this one boy's this is going to a custom made job,here's the rough ground works on this order.

Against the darkness Lunar Knight W.I.P/Concept

I had blast on this one guys. This was the result of the idea of having a knight facing off against a giant Golem.10 mins in Sai God I love Sai,got an idea bam! there it is done & done lol.Im going to work on this after I do about 20 more quick concepts

Turning up the Heat!! W.I.P

The Smug BI%$H Queen from hell lol,quick sketch.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Art Jam- all jets ablaze with repulsor rays!

That's right team its time 2 draw the Red & Gold Avenger, the one and only Ironman

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ayame help

Just want to show what I think would help.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Venom

New Venom I'll do. Again, the symbiotes like to hang precariously over people on the john.

Them ninja's aint cheap W.I.P,

Here some updates,thanks boys for the tips.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Health Spray

Still under the weather but not dead.

Here's a large thumb for a Wesker x Chris piece. It's not gonna be this exaggerated in the end, I'm spitting out a fun idea. I'm on a short programming course btw so if I seem absent I'm just scripting or some other depressing garbage.

Tenchu + MVC3 Felicia uppercut- W.I.P update

I may not have told u guys but I'm so excited for MVC3 I decided to do pin-up pic like my X-23 one each week every Friday and I'll will alternate between the two companies,also this will insure I'm at least working on a piece 2 stay sharp so let me know if u guys think this is good idea or a path to self destruction lol.

Where the Hell!! is the new Tenchu game any way!? God, Tenchu:W.O.H was so good,next to Z.O.E:the 2nd runner it was my favourite game,anyway this was a quick update to the thumbs I did of the D-licious! Ayame.Still needs more work but I like where its going + plus which angle is better A or B.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tenchu + MVC3 Felicia W.I.P

Quick assortments of 5 min thumbs I did.

Shadow Gif update

how does this look? still too fast?

edit 1: ugh, it's still too fast. I think blogger has something to do with the speed up of the animation. Lets try uploading it a different way.

edit 2: okay, now it wasn't moving at all. ffffffffffffffff

edit 3: maybe it moves faster on Firefox? I just looked at it in IE and it moves just right...

edit 4: yep, it's firefox that's the culprit. If you want to see the image at the proper speed, you gotta see it in Internet Explorer.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Symbiote WIP

I'm pleased as peach with the carnage but Venom needs more work. Look forward to a more finished version of this carnage but I'm probably going to start new with the venom.

Lets rock this joint

Always fun. ALWAYS! I had a utter blast with these and I wanted to post them up here first.

Here are the finished colors. I actually ordered the complete books 1,2 and 3 of Avatar: TLAB and got them in on the very same day I started this. It took me 16 episodes to finish this drawing so about 8 hours of work went into this. Of course I was distracted by the episodes a little bit but it was nice having them play on my second computer screen while I worked. Sooooooooo much fun. So happy. I hope you guys like it as well. I may need to go back and get boulder with the contrast and get darker darks if I can.(rock puns, how many can we do?) Other than that, I am happy with this.

Just in case, I also added in the line art I used. I had to give the rocks more personality since I'm a hound for detail and I also fixed the hands and the cloth flaps that are on them just a bit. Granite'ed I didn't want to mess with them too much since I wanted to preserve Rum's lines as much as possible.

Remember gin rummy boy, if you wanna collab with me anytime just let me know!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Krona W.I.P

Soul Eater's tortured soul that is Krona.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Allen the Alien + KH:Cloud Strife - W.I.P

These guys are Bad! mother F$£KER'S!!.Done these in Sai about ten minutes each.


Added more detail and I think I made him a bit more beefy'er.

Monday, 3 January 2011

NO!!... We Are Venom!

gotta say I love this Guy,These where just very quick rough thumbs that I did and then ran with them I might make B into a Carnage pic,the bottom pic is the rough end result Im looking 4,I think it needs more tendrils,might have to watch some Anime for research lol


We Are Venom!

Did a few thumbs, blew one up, scribbled on it then coughed violently. I'll work on this later. Seems like the Fox Die refuses to leave my system. Does anyone know where I can find some Phoenix Downs or Elixirs?